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The best wallpaper generator out there so far, and one of the best apps I've downloaded.App also includes: - Retina display support; - Descriptions of 1,000 most interesting places in the world; - Background sound effects to further enhance your browsing experience; - Easy-to-use interface; - Tutorial.Check key features in our video review - C Please note that this app requires an initial network connection (wifi or cellular) to access content.Earn XRAY bucks to purchase scanner upgrades to help along the way. * Seven Fun Airports – Honolulu, Las Vegas, Chicago, Aspen, London, North Pole and the Moon. * XRAY Shop for Scanner Upgrades * 25 Addictive Achievements - Earn them ALL! With a tap of your finger, Artree's sophisticated generative algorithm begins growing an amazingly beautiful living organism. WHAT MEDIA & USERS SAID "Sit back, relax with i Device in hand, listen to relaxing music and let Artree grow beautiful trees for you. It’s a great way to make custom wallpapers or simply get your zen on." - App "It's really one of the best zen-ish apps around.ADDITIONAL FEATURES * Beautiful i Phone Retina graphics. Watching the tree grow is mesmerizing, and every tree looks worthy of being my ipad wallpaper." - mal'akh, USA "The randomness of the growth is the whole point, because you never know what you're going to get, and if you don't like it, you just do it again!

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