Who is slash dating

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When Axl was venting about Slash, Duff was able to help him see things through Slash’s eyes.’At the same time, however, both the Axl-led GN’R and Slash’s solo band were set to release their own live DVDs.

Both featured classic Guns N’ Roses songs that required the other party to sign off on ahead of release.

According to whosdatedwho, Meegan Hodges is currently dating British Musician Slash.

Not only, Slash, it's even Meegan who got the matching set of GPS coordinates tattoo.After ending up her marital life with Mark Knight, she is now actually dating British Musician Slash. Know more about them…It's really strange to know that people enjoy their marital life for around 20 years and then gets divorced. How come people take the decision of separating with the one who once was their everything? The couple has not spoken a single word regarding their divorce issues.Same is with the now girlfriend of Slash, who was once married to the founder of rock band Bang Tango, Mark Knight. The couple spent two decades together sharing all the joy and sorrows together. So, the reason behind their divorce and ending up two decades relationship is still not revealed.Mick Wall has released a new chapter from his book Last Of The Giants: The True Story of Guns N’ Roses.Read an excerpt below, which reveals two of the women responsible for Axl Rose and Slash reconciling.

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