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Finally, it may be thought by some that the greatest threat to the preservation of our nation and culture is the loss of our lives and our property.

The lesson of our martyrs is that this is simply not true.

Killing, raping, and plundering can weaken these things, but they can never completely destroy them.

Throughout our long history, each time an Assyrian man, woman, or child stood up against their oppressors and refused to give up their religion, language, or national existence, our nation as a whole was pulled one step back from the abyss of extinction! This is true, even if the immediate consequences of such actions were destruction and death. They are the one who bravely and selflessly defended our existence, even to the point of giving up their own lives, so that we could continuously have before us examples of self-sacrifice which would serve to encourage us to preserve ourselves and our culture for future generations.

We are very aware of the fact that these accounts are but a pale shadow of the reality of our history.

Unfortunately, our sources are limited and we make no claim to have treated these subjects in an original and exhaustive manner.

The legacy of our martyrs is a sacred obligation for each and every one of us, their children, to defend and protect our cultural national existence, even as they have done.

But now we are faced with a difficult question: have we Assyrians at the present time lived up to this obligation?

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