Threatening or intimidating

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I said this to myself, resolutely, by way of answer to the intimidating storm.This arbitrary conduct did not succeed in intimidating the other Councillors.The tone of the press there was intimidating, particularly toward Russia.As to intimidating me, or changing my course, the thing cannot be done.

It doesn't matter, they're the most badass animal that isn't extinct or made up.Hundreds of people have been attacked and killed over the last few centuries, but the vast majority of shark species are harmless to humans, with just a handful of species that have been documented to kill, and even then only two (Bull Sharks and Oceanic Whitetip Sharks) are consistently dangerous.The rate of shark attacks and deaths average out to about a couple of deaths a year, making them less dangerous than elephants, jellyfish, domestic animals like horses and dogs, and the common staircase.The political controversy, however fierce and threatening, is only for power.And so the report came to me that the workers were threatening strike.

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