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Trying to bring together his analytic scholarship and the Bible predictably got many people's feathers ruffled, I recall.

(I was living in Canada at about the time the book appeared, and knew many people who studied with Frye.)26 Chatterbox: I continue to be amazed at what some people consider to be controversial.

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I have an old Swiss (Calvin) Bible given to me by a great Aunt in the 1960's and it also has the books divided differently: I, I, III Kings, etc, but as far as I can tell seems to be pretty much like the KJV.

Being a history teacher/professor, if/when we would discuss the King James Version, I can add a little bit. Considering I've got a theology category over in the Category Challenge group, I'm declaring 2017 the Year of Reading about God.

I'm going to try to join in; I'm notorious for joining group reads and not actually following through. And despite being Protestant, I'd be game for the Apocrypha. :)I am in, Rachel, and am excited about this project!

I come from a long line of devout Protestant Christians with husband's family the same. But as the keeper of family records and books I have acquired 23 copies of the Bible, the newest acquisition being The Literary Study Bible purchased just for this class. KJV is the hands-down winner, but I have a few other interesting ones, too.

I'm interested in it from a historical perspective, but literature sounds good too! only, Standard Revised and King James) on the shelf, and may have time to compare and contrast, selectively, as I go. 8 susanj67: I've thought about taking that course a few times now. I don't have the discipline for Coursera courses because they move faster than I want them to - I want time to read all the supplementary literature. 11 Kristelh: I have a lot of versions of the Bible too and originally thought I'd find time to compare and contrast. Especially with my other challenge I'm participating in.Catholics and Orthodox have more OT books (but not the same selection) and more chapters in some books.(Esther and Daniel if I remember correctly.) Sometimes this material is published in Protestant Bibles as the Apocrypha. Some passages that may sound familiar, as they are often used as readings for certain occasions.I have read the whole (Protestant) Bible twice before in my life, but not for several years. I have created a tagmash literature if anyone else wants to look.When I did it, I used a daily schedule which started with both the Old Testament and the New Testament, and assigned a few chapters from each every day. Several years ago, I followed Jeff Cavin's "The Great Adventure Bible Timeline Learning System" which my church presented. A literary perspective should be quite interesting. Very Short Introductions that I intend to order: The New Testament as Literature: A Very Short Introduction Ratings here are very low for this series.

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