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****** Somebody engaged me the other day in one of those meaningless “what if? As in, if I had to switch roles with anybody else in Platte County, who would it be?

I could tell you how many years we’ve been meeting like this but it might make all of us feel old, so let’s just move right along.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d still wear full gear everyday, in part because these days there is no such thing as routine police interaction with the public.

But mostly because I think I would rock that bulletproof vest.

Holden had pointed out R-3 was the only school district he could find in the state that did not list a phone number or email address to contact each board member.

Until now, a perhaps paranoid top administrator at R-3 would prefer the public to have to go through the central office rather than giving the public easy access to its voter-elected school board.

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It’s reality in the crazy world in which we live that Chrisman is one of the local small town police chiefs who are paid more handsomely than the Platte County Sheriff, who runs a much, much larger department (plus a jail) over a much, much larger geographical area.

After thinking about this for a bit, my answer is our friend Kevin Chrisman, police chief at Parkville.

I’ve got to think Chrisman, who by the way seems like a great guy with a good disposition and engaging sense of humor, enjoys the spot he’s in.

And Sager also escaped being fired, issuing a resignation as the new county commission dragged its feet perhaps in disbelief that one of its top department heads, previously well respected by many in the building, had been recommended by the county sheriff’s department to be hit with a stealing charge. It’s hard to imagine a similar situation ending as happily in the private sector. ****** To say folks are excited about LC’s Hamburgers intending to open a burger joint in Platte City is an understatement. ****** I had this discussion with a fellow observer of the Platte City fast food scene.

****** I will say the patty-cake handling of the public works personnel situation is the only notable mistake I could find in the performance of the 2017 county commission. We tracked down this news in an interview with the LC’s folks last Thursday and when we busted out the article on our social media sites on Tuesday night it spread like wildfire. Assuming LC’s puts the drive through window to good use at its location in Platte City--they’ll be on the end of the strip mall on Platte Falls Road in front of Price Chopper, in the spot most recently occupied by New Shanghai Asian Food--they could put a small dent into some of the fast food restaurant business.

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