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Audiences couldn't get enough of the show's "mean judge," a veteran of the U. music industry (he'd guided the careers of pop groups like Westlife, Five, and Robson & Jerome) who was brutally and hilariously honest with contestants.

Cowell was the biggest star of the series, which was the most-watched show on TV for an unprecedented eight straight seasons.

NBC's critically-acclaimed but low-watched comedy had no plans to replace one of its characters and best-known star, but tragedy forced the producers' hand.

Between the show's fourth and fifth season, star Phil Hartman was shot by his wife as part of a horrific murder-suicide.

Two new stars joined the cast to fill the void left by Ritter: cousin C. Without Ritter, by season three, the show moved to Friday nights and finished in 91st place.

8 Simple Rules was not renewed for a fourth season.

Garrett opened a gourmet shop and she hired "her girls." And after season seven, Rae left the show.

But in 2010, after nine seasons, he moved on, in part to develop the American version of his British talent series judges' table saw a lot of stars take a stab at it, including Steven Tyler, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Keith Urban, but actual singers just couldn't fill the void left by the music industry guy who criticizes singers.

By the time Fox pulled the plug on Steve Carell was a well-known comic force from The Daily Show and Anchorman before he had a big breakout year in 2005.

But producers loved the show's dynamic—wise, older woman doles out advice to young women—so they created the role of Mrs.

Garrett's sister Beverly Ann, and cast Cloris Leachman of But according to frequent episode director John Bowab, Leachman "just never had the connection with the girls that Charlotte had," suggesting that maybe the series was "past the point of the girls being given advice to." The ninth season, the second with Leachman, would be the last for has created a number of stars, such as Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert…and most of all, Simon Cowell.

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