My brother is dating a psycho chut ka dana ragdna

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Have you ever found yourself walking on eggshells around the person you're sharing a bed with?

Or whether they have used your insecurities to make you feel special?

They will purposefully work to make you feel uncomfortable around the people you used to feel most comfortable with.

They want you to be dependent on them and loyal only to them.

examines the scientific research on psychopaths - and a guide to spotting one in your life, including your relationships.'When a psychopath first meets a new potential victim, they need to test them for exploitability.

They will do this with an emotional hook aimed at gauging an emotional response,' the author wrote in his book.

'The stories will be crafted to touch an emotional chord with you and to elicit your sympathy and compassion.

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It’s an undisputed fact that crazy women are incredible in the sack. We all get crazy eyes from time to time—from stress, lack of sleep, etc.

Their air of confidence convinced you the stories must be true even though you didn't see anything to verify this.

Sure, they drove a cr***y car but that is because they really LOVED that particular model, not because they didn't have the money to buy a new one.

Once they have hooked you, you seem to suddenly bore them.

They give you the silent treatment and rebuff you for trying to rekindle the relationship you thought you had.

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