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The third clip is taken from a new officer, who is crouched behind a police car.As the rat-a-tat-tat of automatic fire fills the air again, he shouts: 'Get back! ' Paddock was firing from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, hitting targets in the 22,000-strong crowd up to 330 yards away.Paddock had stockpiled 23 guns in his room - including 12 rifles modified to fire at automatic fire rates - but had apparently paused to reload or grab another weapon as the team advanced along the wall.Suddenly the officer with the body camera spots civilians, likely confused about the direction of the gunfire, due to Paddock's vantage point, climbing over a fence towards them - and right into the line of fire.The footage was released before Paddock's girlfriend Marilou Danley arrived back in the U. Danley, who had traveled to Hong Kong on September 25, was escorted through the terminal by FBI agents after a flight from the Philippines.Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo called her a person of interest in a Tuesday press conference.Police have released frightening bodycam footage that shows Las Vegas cops racing towards Stephen Paddock's sniper nest as he unleashed minute upon minute of automatic weapons fire.

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A leaked photo shows the Vegas shooter's body after he committed suicide in his hotel room Sunday night.In one pulse-pounding moment, a team of cops are forced to crouch behind a concrete wall because Paddock is training his fire on them directly.In another, an officer runs into the line of fire to drag an apparently drunken man to safety.The cops shout for them to get down, and one officer actually runs out, risking his life to make sure they get the message.Just as he gets back to the safety of the wall, shots ring out again.

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