Ingersoll pocket watch dating

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One lug has been removed and the balance is broken the case is 39mm Is it worth repairing ?

Luminous hands and numerals (luminous paint no longer active).

In 1919, the Ingersoll brothers developed the first watch with a night design called the Radiolite that had a luminous dial. The black, obviously, anti-reflective and much better for nighttime, far less chance of being seen from that point of view.

It's actually advertised on the box as having radium. It has a certain half-life that it will die over a period of time.

I imagine they were at least as common in the German trenches.

The Titanic sunk on their maiden voyage in 1912 by a tragic accident.

One of the most collectible pocket watches in the world is the Ingersoll Mickey Mouse pocket watch.

To compare - here is the 1934 version of the Ingersoll pocket watch.

Dial signed, "Ingersoll midget" serial number 44901957 1915 42,500,000 1916 45,500,000 Robert H Ingersoll was an American maker of really inexpensive watches, "H" made the Ingersoll Midget, which was a non-jewelled hook anchor escapement wristwatch of the general WWI pattern.

One year warranty, and if I recall correctly priced at around 90 cents US, including a crystal grille, and a proto-Bund strap. In 1896 they created and successfully marketed a watch that retailed for a dollar, the Ingersoll Yankee, "The Watch That Made the Dollar Famous." The sales were huge and the watch was marketed internationally. changed its name to the United States Time Corporation and shortly thereafter introduced the a new product name - Timex.

We Americans didn't enter the war until late, but I would be surprised if H wasn't exporting the cheap trench watches to the Alliies prior to our entry into the war. in 1881, with manufacturing plants in Brooklyn, NY and Linden, NJ. By 1922, Ingersoll had gone into bankruptcy and the Waterbury Clock Co. The Ingersoll Midget was a smaller, thinner style, introduced in 1912.

Robert & Charles Ingersoll formed the company Robt. This watch was small enough to have lugs soldered onto the case at the top and bottom (with the winding stem at the 3 o'clock position) so that a strap could be added and the watch sold as a wristwatch.

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