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And regarding the sending of their own nude images, again ask them if it’s worth it.’In cases where the images have been forwarded and shared online, I recommend contacting the social media site to have the image removed and then either reporting the situation to the Office of the e Safety Commissioner here: As I’ve said, teens really do lack the foresight to understand the consequences of sexting behaviour.

Their brains are also wired to be much more impulsive than an adult’s brain.

And, with facial recognition technology being used in society more and more frequently, it’s becoming so easy to find these images online by other people, predators and even potential employers’.‘Teens most commonly use Snapchat to send sexting images, as they’re under the impression that these images will expire or that they’ll know straight away if the receiver has taken a screenshot of the snap.

This isn’t always the case, though, as there are glitches that enable users to take undetected screenshots,’ explains Jordan.

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This isn’t just a problem with boys pressuring girls, however.The motivations are similar to what they’ve always been - boys often seek validation from their friends and girls often seek validation from the boys.The key difference between now and then is that these days, some young girls are of the opinion that sharing a nude photo their face is an easy way to relieve the pressure that boys are placing on them to engage in sexual activity,’ Jordan explains.‘Teens also struggle to understand that what goes on the internet, stays on the internet, and sexting images spread like wildfire.They think they’re only sending it to one person, but that image or video can be seen by hundreds of people in just minutes.

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