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Those that know me, know that I am deathly afraid of any and all things that are not of the human specie. That's my basketball coach by the way, helping me mount that ferocious creature, ha.

We provide comprehensive eye care including treatment of ocular disease.

Not sure of which angle I wanted to take on this, I thought I would add basic elements and concepts of what I have experienced thus far.

The picture of me crossing the little pond reflects the paths I've had to cross and courses I've had to take as a college student.

You can stop to smell the roses and hug a couple trees to appreciate the little things in life..

OR you can write them down and indulge in the bafoonery this world readily provides as cheap entertainment - which is why i blog ;-) This was actually an assignment for my Web Media Design class (which I highly recommend to any fellow computer-addicts), and it basically told us to depict our view of Baker.

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