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Without personal service, your case is dismissed, but be wary of knocks on your door at 6 am.

Since so many of these tickets are issued, the odds are likely in your favor.

This implies that threats to take action beyond 90 days or if you are only served by mail may not be enforceable, which in turn leads to confusion and frustration with how to handle these tickets.

The governor did ask the Department of Transportation to review their effectiveness; and local leaders praised his decision as one that respects the rights of municipalities to handle their own enforcement.Typically small collections are not pursued to this extreme and can be disputed.Bear in mind that if you are personally served you may be responsible for the original fee as well as the service fee and late charges.First and foremost, it’s a good idea to get to know your neighborhood and where these things happen.Denver and Aurora, as well as other municipalities, openly list the locations of their cameras.

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