Dating male co workers

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My online dating blitzes in January can easily triple the results of other months in the year with the same amount of activity.

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First, a lot of offices, warehouses, and other jobs have a lot of people in one place.

I have often pre-planned January as sarging time many months in advance for this reason.

If you hit January and February hard, it can often provide all the sex you need for the rest of the year if you follow a FB/MLTR relationship model. The boyfriending-up women do in November generally “stick” in January for some couples, though not long afterwards.

In the month of March, don’t be surprised to experience breakups (if you’re monogamous) or LSNFTE’s if you’re not.

Women you just met since January are usually exempted though, since you’re likely still going through NRE with her at this time.

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