Dating fossils and rock

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Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, rock art and cave paintings have often been considered more myth then reality, like the stories we find in the teachings of modern day religions.

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The ancient paintings have received all manner of interpretations from stylized representations of people or even owls, to ancient astronaut theories which suggest that extraterrestrial beings visited Earth tens of thousands of years ago and had direct contact with the inhabitants.

The story goes like this – the Wandjina were “sky-beings” or “spirits from the clouds” who came down from the Milky Way during Dreamtime and created the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Then Wandjina looked upon the inhabitants and realised the enormity of the task and returned home to bring more Wandjinas.

Ongoing excavations in the Gobi Desert tell of one such sight that has become an embarrassment to evolutionists.

Twenty-five theropod dinosaurs have been discovered along with 200 skulls of mammals.

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