Dating chinese culture globe and mail dating

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[ Wikipedia ] Dating back to the Tang Dynasty, cricket fighting is still a popular pastime for many Chinese kids and adults.

It was particularly popular in Macau, where people bet on cricket fights.

[ Wikipedia ] The Chinese started cultivating rice and millet as early as 7500 BC, according to scientist and author Jared Diamond (Guns, Germs, and Steel).

Some crickets were so famous that funeral services were held for them after they died.

[ Wikipedia ] The Chinese have been flying kites for nearly three thousand years.

However, the first signs of settled agriculture in China started around 5000 B. [Wikipedia] The Chinese name for “China” is “Zhong Guo” –which translates as “Central Nation” or “Middle Kingdom”—reflects their ancient worldview that China was at the center of the world.

Zhong Guo, which is still used today, was first used almost 3,000 years ago during the Zhou Dynasty (1066-771 BC).

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