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If the West is too obtuse to grasp this, then Ill be forced to come to terms with the Russians and turn against the West first, after which Ill direct my entire strength against the USSR.

The next day, Hitler made much the same point to Count Galeazzo Ciano, Mussolinis foreign minister that he proposed one day to tread the old Teutonic road toward the east, as he had told the Duce himself aboard the Conte Cavour in May .

And: If Silverstein would have been program director, the tower probably would have broadcasted "undesireable" (from the NS view) programs, or even "jewish propaganda." Ironically the Silverstein family are Polish jews.

Larry however was born already in Brooklyn 1932, so he could not claim to be a holocaust survivor.

Will research it and post results if not beaten to it. After months of maintaining a studied silence in the Nazi press about the Polish atrocities, on the sixteenth editors were secretly circularised: The time has come for the German press to abandon its reserve.

Goebbels ordered Polish terrorist incidents moved from page two to page one though still only modestly displayed, and there was to be no mention yet of Germanys territorial claims.

Neither Poland nor Germany reported, complained or filed a charge about this "incident".

Hitler did not mention the incident in his Reichstag address September 1, 1939, the declaration of war against Poland.

Yes, interesting to see that the concept of a casus belli provided by a false-flag operation involving a tower may have preceded 9/11 by decades.He boasted that whereas in  he had had to whip his generals on, this year he was having to hold them back.Hitler continued (recalled Burckhardt years later): Everything Im doing is directed against Russia.I quote an older post in which i laid out the argument against it. Definitely would like more information on this one.However, Poland's Prime Minister Felicjna Slawoj-Skladkowski must have said SOMETHING on the matter.

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