Cambodian sex industry guide

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He whizzed the tuk-tuk past the bazaars and restaurants into a compound of a special club that was nicely lit up with red, blue and pink neon lights.

It had silk sofas in the reception with two ladies sitting there.

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This would be a fairly typical story about a Cambodian marriage, except that Rous Savy was not born male.

They range from incredibly young children to aging pensioners, and they'll suddenly appear at the doorways to pubs just as the next intoxicated tourist decides to head back to his hotel.

It may be tempting to hand out some money to these poor unfortunates, but if you do, it may not be the wisest move you've ever made.

Well for 0 a night, this was a high-class pick up joint. Some girls had just come after a job and therefore, were tired. I finally chose a short plump beauty with big eyes and lush lips.

She followed my tuk-tuk on her moped straight to the hotel. She left early morning with a 10 dollar tip and left behind her hair clip.

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