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As the 1926 census for Northern Ireland was used for waste paper in World War II the first census that survives for city and county of Londonderry, since 1911, is for 1937 and this will be available for inspection in the year 2038 (unless the 100 year closure rule is waived before then).

This means that each annual edition of Derry Almanac is the closest surviving census document for Derry city in the period from 1912 to 1936.

Many of the 'Defenders' fought at the Siege of Derry, which commenced with the closing of its gates on 7 December 1688 and ended on 31 July 1689 with the Jacobite army in retreat after a relief fleet, with essential food supplies, managed to break through the boom of fir and iron cable across the River Foyle.

The database of 'Defenders' consists of 5 fields: Young's ID, Surname, First Name, Residence; and Remarks.

On 22 October 1641 the native Irish, under Sir Phelim O'Neill, rose in rebellion in Counties Londonderry and Tyrone, and the walled city of Londonderry became a refuge for Protestant settlers.Biographical detail, where provided by Young, about a 'defender' and their planter origins in England, Scotland or Wales is inserted in the Remarks column.A resolution, signed by 226 citizens of Londonderry, expressing condemnation of the plot to assassinate King William, was copied into the minute book of Londonderry Corporation on 16 April 1696.This database contains 3 fields: Surname, First Name and Remarks The Transportation Register identifies those people, male and female, who were tried and sentenced to transportation to Australia and were held 'in the Gaol of the County of Londonderry' in the time period 1839 to 1856 inclusive.In other words these men and women were convicted of committing crimes in County Derry and were held, prior to transportation, in the county jail on Bishop Street in Derry city.

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