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MEETin declares its mission simply as “make friends in the real world.” It’s run by volunteers and is completely free to use.

While MEETin lacks the flash and extensive features of sites like Meetup and Groupspaces, it’s easy to find your city listed in alphabetical order on the left side of the site.

There are currently two pricing plans for organizers, with a third option coming soon.

Prices vary by region but Basic plans are around a month and Unlimited member plans are about a month.

Another great feature of MEETin is that it states upfront that the site is not for professional networking or dating.

That’s not to say these things couldn’t develop organically, but it removes the pressures and expectations of such assumptions and frees you to just show up and have fun.

The Basic Plan expands this to 200 Members, 5 Member lists and 2 GB of files storage for about a month.

Much like Meetup, being a member of a group means you may be asked to pay monthly dues, which will vary based on the groups that you join.

These groups include nonprofits, churches and university clubs.A freshman at UPenn would have an easy time connecting with the on-campus clubs that match her academic and extracurricular interests.One downfall of Groupspaces is the way their pricing plans are set up.MEETin will help you meet new people in your town, whether you’ve just moved or want to stir up your social life.Popular events include happy hours and specific activities like ski trips and cultural outings.

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