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: (From My Anime List) In the theocracy of Simulicram, everyone is born female.At age 17, each maiden undergoes a special ceremony to choose her sex.When the peace in the land is threatened, these young girls will be sent to the battlefield to nuke everything around them! I know that some people get immediately discouraged after they see the “Shoujo Ai” tag.Yes, girls kiss and there’s some romance between them.It's actually a phenomenon dating back many decades, hence why a special undercover police/military group has been created to deal with it: the Black Guard.

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Since it needs to be ratified in our world, Renzaburou is chosen to keep an eye on the negotiations, and so is Makie, a beautiful Action Girl coming from the demon world.It makes sense for girls to develop romantic relationships, since one of them can become a man later.Still sounds like a lazy excuse to feature Yuri material? Along with the many troubles they have to face, choosing one’s sex is also an important dilemma for some of the girls.However, not everyone is keen on having demons and humans living in peace...) in The '80s, and later into a live-action movie.Being the better-known part of the franchise, the tropes here will be taken mostly from the anime, so please add those from the movie and novels!

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