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But let me tell you this, you will be hurt again, and so will I, because being hurt is part of being alive. First to death, and then to the Raven Queen — which is still kinda like death — and then ultimately to yourself.

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"But it's not about me," Franken continued, but about constituents, who he said he could not serve effectively while dealing with an Ethics investigation. Mark Dayton will now appoint a replacement to serve in the Senate until a special election can be called for next year. The calls for Franken to resign snowballed and yesterday an eighth woman accused him of putting his hand on her waist, "grabbing a handful of flesh," after she asked to take a photo with him. This morning, he voted no (by proxy) on sending the Willett nomination to the full Senate. Tweeden said she was motivated in part to come forward by a radio interview she conducted with Rep.

In the Senate, Franken has been a reliable progressive vote but a lightweight lawmaker.

He received a 100 percent rating from the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBT advocacy group, an 82 percent rating from the American Civil Liberties Union, 14 percent from the Club for Growth, and a 0 percent from Freedom Works.

Lauren Pearson (Jennifer Lawrence) points out that he has an Elmo lunchbox and is worried that his mother will embarrass him. " In the episode "Rich Youngsta," Dre does a commercial for a rapper, Rich Youngsta that he shows to his agent, he then tells Dre he talked to him about more sponsorships, and even a guest spot on Sesame Street, Dre responds "With Elmo?

" to which Rich Youngsta responds "with all of those furry fuzzy motherfuckers, man" In the episode "Inheritance," Rhonda forbids her brother Dre from eating in her car, when he questions if this is a rule, she replies "No, you just eat like Cookie Monster." An animated series on Cartoon Network's [adult swim] block, based on the movie of the same name.

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